So many things that I wish you knew…

Uh hi. I hope you’ve already learned to love my mood swings as I have learned to understand your short attention span. haha Sorry for not trusting you most of the time. =) Don’t hate me for being too impatient. But if you want to, that’s okay. Jk. I’m trying my best to control my temper naman.. >:)) Oh well,

Thank you for riding in my baliw moments (corny jokes and babaw laughing at everything) and listening to all of my complaints in life. Sorry if there are times that I don’t even know how to respond on things you’re saying to me, for being sabaw and bangag sometimes. Im not good at telling stories, half the time I don’t make sense and I know I frustrate you a lot. Yet, you’re there, accepting me for who I am. :) And cheering me up with your not-so-funny jokes & stories (sadyang mababaw lang ba ko? :p) and weirdness. HAHAHAHA But don’t worryyyyy :> I really really appreciate all the things and efforts you are showing even if I don’t deserve it. Thank you *u* 

I can’t promise you anything but one thing is for sure, I will forever be your friend. :) 

by the way how did things turn out this way? meh never mind. Hmm

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